Ashton Taylor

Ashton Taylor

Where were you born, and how was life growing up?
Ashton Taylor I was born in MA. Life was great growing up because I have always been very close with my family.

What is your ethnicity?
Ashton Taylor Caucasian

What kind of stuff did you get into after high school?
Ashton Taylor After high school, I went to college and graduated Summa Cum Laude with a B.A. in psychology.

How did you get into modeling?
Ashton Taylor I started working for a promotional modeling company when I was 18 and I did my first big shoot with Michael Vincent Photography in August of 2007.

How long have you been modeling?
Ashton Taylor I have done promotional modeling since I was 18.

Ashton Taylor

How did you feel being in front of the camera for the first time?
Ashton Taylor I was excited and nervous.

How did you feel walking into your photoshoot?
Ashton Taylor I was very nervous.

So would you say you are comfortable in front of a camera now?
Ashton Taylor I am a lot more comfortable than I used to be.

Would you say you are pretty comfortable with your body?
Ashton Taylor Yes.

What would you say is your best feature?
Ashton Taylor My eyes.

What's the best thing about being a model?
Ashton Taylor For me, the best part of modeling is having the opportunity to travel and see new things.

What do you do differently to set yourself apart from other models?
Ashton Taylor I don't focus on other models, I only try to focus on what I can do to improve myself.

Where do you hope your modeling will take you?
Ashton Taylor I would like to eventually become more involved in the fitness industry and to get into print.

Any highlights in your modeling career?
Ashton Taylor I would consider my highlights to be the three online magazine covers that I was on.

Where can we find you on a typical weekend, if you aren't doing a photoshoot?
Ashton Taylor On a typical weekend, I like to go to the beach; the gym; or restaurants.

What keeps you busy away from modeling?
Ashton Taylor I spend a lot of time working out. I also travel for fun.

Ashton Taylor

What do you want to do outside of modeling?
Ashton Taylor I would like to have my own business someday.

Five years from now, where do you see yourself?
Ashton Taylor I am one of those people who lives for today, so I don't tend to make a lot of plans for the future.

What is the coolest thing a fan has ever done for you?
Ashton Taylor I would say it was back in the day when Myspace was big and they used to design all of these graphics with my modeling pictures and send them to me.

Any photographers you enjoy working with or hope to work with?
Ashton Taylor One of my favorite photographers to work with was Onyx. I have also enjoyed working with Michael Vincent, Jay Pierce, Filip Pizlo, Jim Maxwell, and Chad Martel. As far as photographer that I hope to work with, there are too many to list that are glamour or fitness photographers.

Which internet websites would you say you spend most of your time at?
Ashton Taylor I spend a lot of time networking on Model Mayhem, Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace.

Do you travel much for your modeling?
Ashton Taylor Yes.

Do you like all the traveling?
Ashton Taylor I love it.

If you could travel anywhere, where would it be?
Ashton Taylor : I have never been to Europe, so I would love to go there.

Do you have a favorite Car?
Ashton Taylor A Viper.

Do you have a favorite drink when at clubs or bars?
Ashton Taylor I don't drink anymore.

What is your favorite type of food?
Ashton Taylor Seafood.

What kind of music are you listening to these days?
Ashton Taylor I listen to Techno/House and Alternative.

Tell us something you got away with?
Ashton Taylor If I did that, I might incriminate myself-LOL.

Which celebrity would you like to meet and why?
Ashton Taylor I am not concerned with celebrities, so there aren't any I would care to meet.

Best pickup line you've ever heard?
Ashton Taylor I am not sure that I have ever heard a good one.

Worst pickup line you've ever heard?
Ashton Taylor There are way to many to list-LOL!

What the worst prank you've ever played on anyone?
Ashton Taylor I don't usually pull pranks on anyone, except when I was a kid.

Ashton Taylor

Are you single now?
Ashton Taylor Yes.

Give us the dirt on your dating life. Any first date rules?
Ashton Taylor I can't think of any rules offhand.

Do you kiss on the first date?
Ashton Taylor That depends.

How many kids in high school have asked you out?
Ashton Taylor I am not sure.

Should a person call right away or wait a few days?
Ashton Taylor Either one is fine.

What kind of guy bugs you?
Ashton Taylor A guy who is conceited, selfish, and has difficulty paying his own bills.

What does a guy need to do to make you stay?
Ashton Taylor Personality is important to me and so is a good sense of humor.

What's the worst place to meet a guy?
Ashton Taylor A bar.

On a date... What does the person have to do to make it perfect for you?
Ashton Taylor He has to do something spontaneous and romantic.

Leather or lace?
Ashton Taylor Lace

Do you have any dreams or goals you're shooting for?
Ashton Taylor I try to live for today, so I don't tend to make a lot of plans for the future.

Where can we expect to see you at in the future?
Ashton Taylor I will be doing a lot more glamour and swimsuit shoots this summer.

Do you have anything to say to your supporters and your future fans?
Ashton Taylor I adore my supporters and future fans because without them, I would not be the model that I am on the internet today.

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